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AdvEOTec | Phone : +33 (0)1 60 86 43 61

AdvEOTec is a leading European laboratory specialized in the qualification and reliability of optoelectronic, photonic, optical and electronic components and subsystems.

AdvEOTec provides services that cover test, measurement and analysis as well as industrial consulting: evaluation plan, expertise of processes and
techniques, etc.

Optics, electronics and optoelectronics for severe and demanding applications like Space, Aeronautics, Defence, Nuclear, Marine, Transport…

AdvEOTec is also an engineering company designing systems dedicated to specific applications.

AdvEOTec develops and manufactures high-tech solutions for various industrial sectors: test benches, instrument racks and enclosures, systems in chassis, etc.

These solutions use techniques around optics and electronics associated with a variety of complementary techniques such as software engineering, modelling, vacuum, exposure to radiation, signal processing, etc.

News from AdvEOTec

Global Industry Show

2024 March 25/28

Expert in Qualification and Reliability of Optoelectronic and Photonic Components and Sub-Systems

Reliability Test / Life Test - Test Temperature between 25°C and 150°C- Current or Voltage Controle - Current/Voltage/ Optical Power Monitoring-Life Test under dry Nitrogen / vacuum / dry air

Our Tests :

To qualify or evaluate the reliability of your devices, we do mechanical tests, climatic tests, vacuum tests, solar tests, electrical tests and ageing tests

The Optoelectronic Measurement– ADVEOTEC

Our Measurements :

Optics and Photonics Characterizations, Thermal Measurements, Noise Measurements as RIN and NEP

Test Lab

Our Labs is Splitted into 4 sections :

• Mechanical tests
• Environmental tests
• Optical and opto-electronic characterizations
• Characterizations in clean room and vacuum tests

Measurement Bench for LEDs- Optical Power and Spectrum Measureements on 390 LED Matrix

Tests Bench Design and Manufacture :

Examples : Optical Power and Spectrum Measurements Bench on 390 LEDs, Solar Test Bench

Low Noise Switch Matrix/Isolated Outputs/ 1xN or Mx16

Instruments Design and Manufacture :

Examples : Low level Switch Matrix, Event Detector, Multichannels Current Supply

Our references

Happy Birthday AdvEOTec, 20 years