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AdvEOTec | Phone : +33 (0)1 60 86 43 61


AdvEOTec was created in 2003 to meet the growing demand in industry for optoelectronic or photonic technologies and complex systems.

For nearly 20 years, AdvEOTec has been evaluating the reliability of photonic components in harsh environments such as space and submarine
telecom. The company also provides benches or special equipment according to specifications.

The founders

François ROSALA

François Rosala

Co-founder and CEO
Engineer Centrale Paris, graduate of the CNAM (Electronics), holder of a Master of Science obtained in Chicago, was for several years, within the laboratory of research, development and engineering of Corning, in charge of groups on various technological activities including the development of new manufacturing processes (glass, photonics), as well as the study and commissioning of industrial facilities.

He has a multidisciplinary experience oriented towards industrial processes. Since 2003, he is the President of AdvEOTec.

Lip Sun HOW

Lip Sun HOW

Co-Founder, Technical Director

Holder of a Ph.D. in micro-electronics, FIUPSO engineer, worked at CNET/France Telecom in the field of microfabrication of InP electronics, then joined Corning to work in the field of guided optics.

Svilen KOLEV

Svilen KOLEV

Holder of a Ph.D. in Electronics (Paris VI), set up a microwave laboratory applied to optoelectronic components within Corning’s research laboratory in Avon, then contributed from 2003 to 2006 to the launching of AdvEOTec.


The Measurement of Optoelectronics
Thanks to its well-equiped laboratories and thanks to its industry-recognised experts, AdvEOTec supports its customers for their characterization and reliability needs.

Optoelectronics for Measurement
AdvEOTec designs equipment and systems based on optoelectronic technologies so as to take full advantage of this technology such as: High speed and bandwidth, immunity to electrical noise and electromagnetic compatibility.

  • The Measurement of Optoelectronics

    A mosaic of technologies

    AdvEOTec builds its business around its core expertise: opto-electronics and photonics
    With a multidisciplinary approach, AdvEOTec offers complete solutions.

    • Measurements
    • Tests
    • Qualification
    • Test benches
    • Tailor-made equipment