AdvEOTec gathers the expertise of its experts, its assembly shop, modern laboratories and expertise of its teams and partners to design, implement and validate your test and measurement systems.

AdvEOTec Optoelectronic systems Research and development

System block diagram

Verification specifications subsets

Feasibility validation, demonstration

Optical, electrical, mechanical and thermal design


Bill of material (BOM)

Modelling and design

Schemes subsets of the system

Definition of validation tests and recipes

Evaluation of technological risks and simulations

Software engineering

Software definition (IHM, algorithms ...)

Acquisition and processing raw data

Programming in C++, C#, Visual studio, Labview, LabWindows,… et microcontrollers

Automatizing standard equipment: sources, displacement sensors, TEC (Thermoelectric Coolers),…

ATE (Automatic Test Equipment),…

Procurement and control

Selection and follow-up of suppliers and subcontractors

Equipment procurement with verification and control

Production, assembly, installation and set up

Integration of the complete system

Programming and automation

Manufacture and validation subsets (PCB, thermomechanical support,…)

Development of optical, electrical, optoelectronic, photonic, thermal, visions, dedicated measurement and test systems,…

Procedure, qualification and validation system

Metrological validation

Procedure validation

Training and implementation

Manufacturing files, technical and user manuals, certificates,...

Specific packaging (dry air, nitrogen,…)

Installation at user site

Training and assistance to implementation

Maintenance program