Services : European Calibration, Maintenance and Support Services

European Calibration, Maintenance and Support Services...

AdvEOTec yearns to become the main technical support in Europe.

Boost your sales and increase your market share in Europe thanks to a dedicated European Service for Calibrations and Repairs

With its modern and fully equipped laboratories, AdvEOTec is the leading European Test House for Photonics components.
AdvEOTec offers calibration and conformance services for optoelectronic and photonic equipment :

Optoelectronic labs

Traceable standards

Highly qualified engineers : photonics, optoelectronics, optics, electronics, software.

Advantages for your Oversea operations :

Improve customer service : quick response, low down time operation

Improve manufacturer image : local support by experts available during working hours

Decrease support cost : avoid custom and export paper work

Lower transportation risks : less travel distance, less carriers

Ease of access to all Europe

Increase sales thanks to local technical support

Better client follow-up or visibility

Avoid numerous currency charges (Euros to Local currency)

Available during European working hours

One Contact

Traceable Standards