Services : Measurement and characterisation campaigns


AdvEOTec guarantees the accuracy, traceability and relevance of measurements for the qualification of optical, electrical and microwave components :

Examples :

Emitters: laser diodes, LEDs, SLEDs,…

Receivers: CMOS, CCD, phototransistors (single and matrix), photodiodes (single and matrix),...

Optical functions: electro-optical modulators, transceivers, optocouplers, doublers,...

Fiber passive components: couplers, Bragg grating, isolators, cables, multiplexers, filters, optical switch,…

Optical components: Lens, mirrors, optical window,…

Optical and electrical connectors

Subsystem and system optoelectronics and photonics: optical sources and detectors,…

Optoelectronic and electronic components and subsystems ,

Fully equipped and modern labs...

Characterisations, Measurements et Analysis

AdvEOTec designs and implements a wide range of measurements and analysis :
Optical an electrical charaterisation, thermal measurements, RF/Microwave measurements, noise measurements, optical and electrical level detection, conformance and reliability analysis, …

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Optical power versus laser current, L(I)

Monitoring photodiode versus laser current, Imon(I)

Laser voltage versus laser current, V(I)

Optical spectrum (UV, Visible, IR)

Optical bandwidth, FWHM

Reponse time measurement, Tr, Tf

Avalanche gain versus voltage, M(V)

Insertion Loss, IL

Return Loss, RL

Polarisation Dependence loss, PDL

Spectral transmission and reflection

Wavelength dependence loss

non exhaustive list

Extracted from the documentation AdvEOLab : Tests and Measurements of AdvEOTec doc adveocount

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