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Test, Evaluation & Qualification of optoelectronics components and systems...

The Test House service offered to manufacturers, integrators, designers and users who interact with our experts on a confidential basis. Access is given to a modern laboratory dedicated to measurement, tests, reliability evaluation, qualification and analysis of optoelectronic components and their systems.

Examples of Test, Evaluation & Qualification

non exhaustive list

Climatic Tests

High and low temperature storage

Damp heat storage

Temperature cycling

Thermal shock

Accelerated ageing in air, nitrogen or other gaseous atmospheres

Special tests : moisture, salt spray, fungus…

Vacuum tests

Primary and secondary vacuum test down 10-7 mbar

Thermal management in vacuum

Monitoring : Optical, Electrical, Pressure, contaminants…

Clean room environment (class 100)

Vacuum Thermal Cycling

Mechanical tests

Fiber Pull test with in-situ monitoring

Vibration, shock


Electrical and optical contact cut off monitoring down to 2ns

Radiation tests

Proton radiation

Gamma radiation

Tests ESD & COD

ESDS Tests (Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity)

EOS Tests (Electrical Overstress)

Optical COD test on laser diodes (Catastrophic Optical Damage)

Extracted from the documentation AdvEOLab : Tests and Measurements of AdvEOTec doc adveocount

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