With its laboratories designed for several technologies and its network of qualified partners for more specific tests : radiation, construction analysis, material analysis, etc… AdvEOTec takes in charge an extensive range of tests for a wide diversity of components.
Thanks to its expertise, AdvEOTec assists its customers dealing with performance and reliability, by defning and running normalised or special test programmes and by providing special instruments.

tests, essais

Define and manage tests campaigns

Test House

Run and analyse complete qualification programs

Perform special tests (simultaneous and multiple parameters)

mesures, caracterisations

Mesure, Characterise, Analyse, Construct Models

Measurement and characterisation

Perform reliability evaluation

Handle components and systems with : Optoelectronics, Optics, Electronics, Microwaves


Provide support to our client using optoelectronic components and systems :

Calibration and Support

Calibration, repair, upgrade


AdvEOTec strength lies on the experiences of its multidisciplinary team : The mastering of different expertises and the in-house technological building blocks are many assets acquired throughout its extensive achievements.…